Staff Profiles


Céline Carrière – Executive Director

Céline has been at the helm of CHASEO as Executive Director since January 2012.

She is a passionate and active member of the co-operative sector, particularly in the co-operative housing movement, where she has worked and volunteered for more than 7 years. Céline graduated from the University of Ottawa with a B.A in English Literature and Communications. She also completed the Co-operative Management Certificate through York University in 2012.

Céline has sat on a number of Boards, including the founding Board of McLean Co-op, Coopérative Jeanneville, OnCo-op and Rooftops Canada; Céline is currently on the Board at Your Credit Union since 2013.

Céline represents housing co-operatives on a number of City of Ottawa working groups, and has a positive working relationship with the Agency for Co-operative Housing.

Céline works hard to serve housing co-ops across Eastern Ontario. She strongly believes in promoting good governance, strong management, effective planning and the co-operative principles.

613-230-2201 Ext: 223

Alicia 2017

Alicia Martinez – Member Services Coordinator

Alicia joined CHASEO in January 2018. With a combined decade of experience in condominium and commercial property management, Alicia was fortunate to become the Coordinator of Dalhousie Non-Profit Housing Co-op and has been converted to the co-op movement  since.

Alicia is eager to bring her skills and energy to support co-ops across Eastern Ontario grow and thrive.

613-230-2201 Ext: 242

Pictured above: the CHASEO Board of Directors for 2019-2020.

Make-up of the Board

The Board of Directors is elected annually to oversee the Association’s operations.

There are 7 directors: five (5) seats designated to represent housing co-operatives, one (1) seat to represent staff organizations and one (1) seat is an at large position.

Board of Directors

Michelle Tribe, President

Michelle Tribe

Mike Newman, Vice-President

Mike Newman

Shirley Danis, Secretary,


Jjess Sselwanjja, Director

John Ferguson, Director

Kelly Mayhew, Director