Membership Benefits

Being part of a membership provides:


It might be the most cynical of reasons to join, but there’s no doubt that membership in a respected organization is seen as a plus by the housing member communities.  Your local Federation with the brand sends the message that you are serious about your membership and willing to support it.


A membership organization typically runs professional development events such as workshops, webinars, and monthly newsletters, all designed to raise awareness of important issues facing its target audience.


Sometimes, the organization’s offerings are for members only, or members are offered a substantial discount. A prime example is the Virtual Fall Education 2020 events, for which registration was offered to members last year at a discount, easily covering the membership cost. The Lunch and Learn events, participated by many members, including des Jardins, are free.


The real power of a membership organization lies in the opportunities it affords for local networking. At Lunch and Learn events, the members can network, exchange ideas and get information, all essential tools and resources to enhance their performance as co-op housing organizations.


A membership organization provides an avenue to “give something back” to the housing co-op communities by sharing a story and event by authorizing an article in the Federation monthly newsletter on how one member was a co-op hero to its community and members.


Celebrating and recognizing 100 centuries of members who have made a difference in their communities.

Co-op Support

Help and advice when you need it – answers to your questions are just a phone call away.

Representation & Advocacy

CHASEO represents and defends the rights and interests of housing co-ops at the local level by:

  • Working with local housing networks
  • Building links with municipal government and agencies
  • Involvement with the co-op housing sector and other related groups

Co-op Programs

CHASEO members get access to exclusive programs that make the most of your co-op’s money and support the future of your co-op’s members:

  • Co-op Cost Cutters
  • Co-operative Young Leaders
  • Diversity Scholarship Fund

Resources & Education

Our education program offers forums, scheduled workshops and tailored portable workshops at your co-op to support and foster healthy communities. These options are available for Boards, members and staff. Other resources include downloads and links to support your co-op’s management, governance and community building.

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