Meeting Support & Chairing

CHASEO can provide an experienced outside chairperson for a co-op’s members meetings or meetings of directors where an impartial chairperson is needed. This includes difficult meetings and special meetings. This service is available upon request from the co-op’s board of directors.

When to Use an Outside Chair for Your Meeting

A neutral chair may be helpful when:

  • There is no one available from within the co-op who can act or will be seen as a neutral chair for a discussion on a major agenda item.
  • The Board believes that the meeting agenda requires an experience level of chairing that is not available in the co-op for the meeting.
  • The meeting has been requisitioned by members and an agenda item on the requisition relates to a disagreement with the Board or individual directors.

How to Request an Outside Chair for Your Meeting

  1. First, check your co-ops by-laws and rules of order for any requirements for using an outside meeting chair.
  2. A request for an outside chair should be the result of a decision made by the co-op’s Board of Directors.
  3. The request is submitted by an authorized representative of the co-op.

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