Desjardins Co-op Vacancies

2 bedroom unit                                                        2 Chambre

heat-hydro-cable-internet incl.                                chauffé-éclairé-cable et internet inclus

$1221 monthly                                                        $1221 mensuel                        

613-238-7543                                                         613-238-7543


Bachelor                                                                  Garconnière

heat-hydro-cable-internet incl.                                 chauffé-éclairé-cable et internet inclus

$793 monthly                                                           $793 mensuel                         

613-238-74543                                                         613-238-7543

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Co-operative Association of Eastern Ontario


P.O. Box M147 110 Didsbury Road, Ottawa, Ontario K2T 0C2


Jovette Fournier - Executive Director