Community-Led Health Facilitation Training – October 20-21

Community-Led Health Facilitation Training – October 20-21

Hans Kai™: A Community-led Health and Wellness program

Hans Kai™ Facilitator Training October 20 – 21

Training covers:
What is Hans Kai™; The central role of social support in our health; Healthy Eating; Physical Activity; Coping and Stress; How to create and manage a Hans Kai™ group without health-care professionals; Understanding and managing blood pressure, blood, sugar and weight.

Hans Kai™ is a community-led health program built on the concept that people who meet regularly to enjoy each others’ company and monitor their health live longer, healthier lives. The Hans Kai™ program enables people to learn about their health and well-being while developing peer supports. Hans Kai™ focuses on all aspects of wellness: physical, mental, emotional and spiritual; stress and coping; healthy eating and physical activity and on the development of peer supports. Hans Kai™ is part of an active research program that has shown improved mental health, ability to make healthy behavioural changes and improve physical activity and nutrition.

For further information or to register please contact Michelle or Vanessa

All participants will receive binder, information package and notepaper, and link to HANS KAI™ drop box.  “Mini-kits” of equipment can be provided if ordered in advance, but many participants will already have access to appropriate materials.

Training Cost: $300 per person;  2 registrants per co-op $150 each:  students and retired persons $125 each.

Please send registration form to Michelle Kirkbride

Hans Kai™ training offered in conjunction with the Annual General Meeting of the Health Care Co-operative Federation of Canada

With thanks to Ys Owl Maclure Co-op for providing space for our AGM and the Hans Kai™ training.
Ys Owl Maclure Co-op,
Suite 100 1140 Morrison Drive, Ottawa K2H 8S9
(613) 721-1500