Banking Services for Co-ops

Co-op Housing Investment Plan

The Co-op Housing Investment Plan (CHIP) is a program offered by CHASEO and other regional federations across Ontario in co-operation with CHFT. The program is designed to give housing co-ops access to the best possible banking services at the lowest possible price, while meeting housing co-ops’ unique needs.

CHASEO works with two tremendous local credit unions to privide this service, exclusive to CHASEO members in Ottawa. Alterna Savings Credit Union and Your Credit Union each offer a unique CHIP program.

CHIP Benefits

Here are some of the benefits of the CHIP program:

  • Special daily interest rate on co-op chequing accounts;
  • Bonus Interest rates on term deposits for reserve funds;
  • No need to wait in line! Free courier service for your convenience;
  • Reduced service charges and fees;
  • Co-operative banking that understands co-ops and their unique needs;
  • In many cases, the interest on your CHIP account can cover much of the cost of CHASEO dues!

For all your financial needs, please contact either Your Credit Union or Alterna Savings Credit Union to take advantage of this service – made especially for CHASEO members!

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