Century of Co-operation

CHASEO celebrates long-time co-op members whose age and years of living in a co-op community equals 100 years or more.

The Co-Operative Housing Association of Eastern Ontario (CHASEO) describes housing co-ops as “welcoming places where all members have the right to live with dignity, free from harassment and discrimination.” Housing co-ops are communities of people working together where “all co-op members play an important role in making sure their co-op is a safe place to live.”

We want to honor long standing members of our co-op communities!

Here is how your members would qualify for this award:

Add together the age of the member plus the length of time they have lived in co-op housing.

For example, a person who is 80 years old and has lived in co-op housing for 20 years qualifies with an even 100 years.

We will recognize everyone who achieves 100 years or more in 2020.

Century of Co-operation recipients will be honoured at CHASEO’s Co-op Learning Day on October 24, 2020.

Nomination Form

For more information, or to nominate yourself or another member, please contact us at (613) 230-2201 ext 223 or info@chaseo.coop

2020 Recipients

This year CHASEO is privileged to have twelve longstanding members living in our co-op communities!


  • Filomena Domenico, Des Jardins Co-operative Homes
  • Brygida Kulasiewicz, Des Jardins Co-operative Homes
  • Jean Carroll, Des Jardins Co-operative Homes
  • Ann Van Regan, Sandy Hill Co-operative Homes
  • Sandra Britten, Castlefrank Co-Operative Homes
  • Linda Poulsen, Quarry Housing Co-operative
  • Carole Brown, Quarry Housing Co-operative
  • Denise Esnard, Quarry Housing Co-operative
  • James Davidson, Quarry Housing Co-operative
  • Denise Davidson, Quarry Housing Co-operative
  • Raoul Nenclares, Quarry Housing Co-operative
  • Annette Brousseau, Coopertive d’Habitation Jeanneville

On a Century of Co-operation.

Thank you for your contribution to your community.