Century of Co-operation

CHASEO celebrates long-time co-op members whose age and years of living in a co-op community equals 100 years or more.

The Co-Operative Housing Association of Eastern Ontario (CHASEO) describes housing co-ops as “welcoming places where all members have the right to live with dignity, free from harassment and discrimination.” Housing co-ops are communities of people working together where “all co-op members play an important role in making sure their co-op is a safe place to live.”

We want to honor long standing members of our co-op communities!

Here is how your members would qualify for this award:

Add together the age of the member plus the length of time they have lived in co-op housing.

For example, a person who is 80 years old and has lived in co-op housing for 20 years qualifies with an even 100 years.

We will recognize all Century of Co-operation recipients who achieve 100 years or more every year in our December newsletter and the Annual General Membership meeting.

Nomination Form

For more information, or to nominate yourself or another member, please contact us at (613) 230-2201 ext 223 or info@chaseo.coop

2021 Recipients

This year CHASEO is privileged to have many longstanding members living in our co-op communities!


  • Alice Brisson – Co-op Desloges
  • Marie-Anne Deschênes – Co-op Desloges
  • Marie Berette Joseph – Co-op Desloges
  • Robert Bell – Quarry Co-op
  • Shirley Bell – Quarry Co-op
  • Mary Rowat – Sawmill Co-op
  • Ursula Szabo – Tannenhof Co-op
  • Jozefa Galka – Tannenhof Co-op
  • Mildred Bean – Tannenhof Co-op
  • Hedy Klare – Tannenhof Co-op
  • Peggy Baker – Tannenhof Co-op
  • Heidi Temelie – Tannenhof Co-op
  • Dorothy Cheney – Cartier Square Co-op
  • Sauaid Hussine – Cartier Square Co-op
  • Kadija Chabib – Cartier Square Co-op
  • Rosita Fajaredo – Cartier Square Co-op
  • Vivianne Boisvenu – Cartier Square Co-op
  • Cynthia Clark – Alliance Co-op
  • Nicole Henry – Co-op De LaSalle
  • Diane McCaul – Carillon Co-op
  • Susan Fitzgerald – Carillon Co-op
  • Diana Pettitt – Carillon Co-op
  • Diane Henry -Co-op De LaSalle
  • Ethel Milchak – Co-op De LaSalle
  • Suzanne Roussy – Co-op De LaSalle
  • Richard Schwalm – Co-op De LaSalle
  • Jacinthe Schwalm – Co-op De LaSalle
  • Muriel Thompson – Co-op De LaSalle
  • Lucette Paquette – Co-op De LaSalle
  • André Desjardins – Co-op De LaSalle
  • Denise Desjardins – Co-op De LaSalle
  • George Githii – Co-op De LaSalle
  • Denise Ross – Co-op De LaSalle
  • Dave Ross – Co-op De LaSalle
  • Oscar Larabie – Co-op De LaSalle
  • Simone Moussette – Co-op De LaSalle
  • Renée Sylvain – Co-op De LaSalle
  • Robert Biron – Co-op De LaSalle
  • Ghyslaine Biron – Co-op De LaSalle
  • Guy Gibson- Co-op De LaSalle
  • Diane Gibson – Co-op De LaSalle
  • Shirley Danis – Cardinus co-op
  • René Daoust (CHF Canada member and partner of CHASEO)

On a Century of Co-operation.

Thank you for your contribution to your community.