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10 Oct 2018

2 Bedroom Units Available at Elmvale Co-op!

Two 2 bedroom units are available at Elmvale Co-op, located at 60 Dwellingham Private. Elmvale Co-op is across the street from Elmvale Shopping Centre making it convenient for shopping, taking the bus and easily accessible to medical facilities and a pharmacy.

The following units are available:

2 Bedroom unit, available November 15th. $1080 / mo (parking $45). Laundry room onsite

2 Bedroom accessible unit available immediately.

Interested parties can email or call (613) 739-0953 for more information.

09 Oct 2018

Beautiful Downtown Apartments Available at Abiwin Co-op

Abiwin is actively recruiting for their pre-approved member waiting list for 1, 2 and 3 bedroom units, that will become available in a beautiful downtown 6-storey apartment, as well as infill and heritage buildings, located at Somerset and O’Connor.

We encourage prospective members to visit our website for more detailed information, and whether their Co-op is what you are looking for. If you think Abiwin is a good fit for you, please upload and complete an application form from the website and send it to

Please also make sure to mail, or drop off, your originally signed application form with all required supporting documentation at the physical office located at 299 Somerset St. W., Ottawa ON K2P 2L3.

For questions, please call 613-233-1927

01 Nov 2017

Co-op Jeanneville shows how co-ops can maintain francophone culture

Cliquez ici pour lire ce billet en français.

Although it’s just off the busy Vanier Parkway, Jeanneville Co-op feels like an oasis in the city.

With 33 townhouse-style units surrounded by lush gardens, this co-op was founded to provide quality homes for francophone families from Vanier. Its founder, Michel Riel, was also president of Co-op de LaSalle, which sits on Michel Riel Private, named after him.

The spirit of la francophonie is still alive and well at Jeanneville, whose members are proud to live in a francophone environment and to be helping French language and culture thrive in Ottawa.

Léopold Lévesque, a founding member of the co-op, speaks of the particular friendly relationship that exists among francophones. Mme. Brousseau, who has been a member for 27 years, agrees, saying, “We’re at home here.”

Joelle Bernard Cloutier, of the management company Gest-Co, manages Jeanneville. “People get involved and take care of the co-op,” she says, “It’s a family atmosphere.” She adds that members at Jeanneville see a future in their co-op and the co-op movement, and are engaged in finding long-term solutions to protect co-op housing.

The co-op has recently undertaking refinancing, and will be starting work in spring 2018 on replacing siding and insulation in its units, and doing electrical and plumbing work. It’s a logical step for a co-op where members take a clear pride in maintaining their homes and the co-op grounds.

Jeanneville received funding through CHF Canada’s Greener Co-op Microgrant program. This allowed the co-op to install rain barrels that keep its gardens looking great in a sustainable way.

Co-op members also demonstrate concern for their community. For example, co-op president Louise Joa mentioned having recently organized a linen drive for Edgewood Care Centre, a nearby residential care facility for people with mental and physical challenges.

Co-operative values animate life at Jeanneville. As Mme. Brousseau puts it, “We work well together, and take care of one another.”