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12 Jul 2019


(Annonce français ici-bas)

On behalf of the Board of Directors

July 11, 2019

It is with sadness that I announce Executive Director Céline Carrière will be leaving CHASEO. She has an exciting new opportunity to grow her career in the community housing sector, and I ask that you join myself and the CHASEO Board of Directors in thanking her for her service and wishing her all the best.

I admit that I felt a sense of panic when she broke the news to the members of CHASEO’s Board. Céline has worked tirelessly for the past 7.5 years serving you – CHASEO members and partners – helping each of us to create better, stronger communities, while challenging us all to be better co-operative members.

The Board and Céline have created a plan to hire the next Executive Director to best serve you and your co-operative. Further information about the job posting will be available in the next few weeks.

Céline will continue to work for you until her departure on August 9, 2019 and CHASEO’s office will remain open as usual to serve you during this time of transition.

As a member of a housing co-operative, you know change can be scary. But change is also an opportunity for fresh ideas and new partnerships. Please be assured your CHASEO Board of Directors is working hard on your behalf to ensure CHASEO continues to offer you the best services possible.

I am grateful for the opportunity to have worked with you Céline. Thank you so much for everything.
~Michelle Tribe, Board PresidentA few words from Céline:

I would like to offer my deepest and most sincere thank you to all the wonderful people I’ve had the pleasure to work with in my time at CHASEO.  I take with me the incredible lessons I’ve learned about co-operation, compassion, partnerships and people. I count myself so very lucky to have been able to serve the CHASEO membership as I have, and I look forward to keeping in touch!  There are so many wonderful opportunities for housing co-ops, and I know that CHASEO will continue to lead, serve and support its members.

Thank you for everything.

De la part du conseil d’administration

C’est avec tristesse que j’annonce aujourd’hui que Céline Carrière, notre directrice générale, quittera bientôt l’AHCEO.  Elle a accepté une nouvelle opportunité dans le secteur du logement communautaire, et je vous demande de vous joindre à moi et au conseil d’administration de l’AHCEO pour la remercier de ses services et lui souhaiter le meilleur des succès.

J’avoue que j’ai eu un sentiment de panique quand elle a annoncé les nouvelles aux membres du conseil d’administration de l’AHCEO. Céline a travaillé sans relâche au cours des 7,5 dernières années au service des membres et des partenaires de l’association pour aider chacun de nous à créer des communautés meilleures et plus fortes, tout en nous mettant au défi de devenir de meilleurs membres coopératifs.

Le conseil d’administration et Céline ont mis au point un plan d’embauche du prochain directeur/directrice général(e) afin qu’on puisse continuer à offrir un service exceptionnel à votre coopérative. De plus amples informations sur l’offre d’emploi seront disponibles dans les prochaines semaines.

Céline continuera à travailler pour vous jusqu’à son départ le 9 août, 2019 et le bureau de CHASEO restera ouvert comme d’habitude pour vous servir pendant cette période de transition.

En tant que membre d’une coopérative d’habitation, vous savez bien que le changement peut être effrayant. Mais le changement est aussi une opportunité pour de nouvelles idées et de nouveaux partenariats. Soyez assurés que le conseil d’administration de l’AHCEO travaille avec acharnement pour que l’AHCEO continue à vous offrir les meilleurs services possibles.

Je suis reconnaissante d’avoir eu l’occasion de travailler avec vous, Céline. Merci beaucoup pour tout.

~Michelle Tribe, Présidente du conseil d’administration

Quelques mots de Céline:

Je tiens à exprimer mes plus sincères remerciements à toutes les personnes formidables avec lesquelles j’ai eu le plaisir de travailler pendant mon séjour à l’AHCEO. J’apporte avec moi des leçons incroyables que j’ai apprises au sujet de la coopération, la compassion, les partenariats et la collectivité. Je me considère très chanceuse d’avoir pu servir les membres de l’AHCEO et je promets de rester en contact! Il y a tellement de possibilités formidables pour les coopératives d’habitation et je sais que l’AHCEO continuera à diriger, servir et soutenir ses membres.

Merci pour tout.

10 May 2019

2018 Annual Report

The year 2018 was one of continued success for CHASEO. We saw another year of membership growth, new service development and improvements to existing services, all with a focus on our mission to lead, serve and support housing co-operatives across Eastern Ontario. Our work through 2018 focused on increasing the value that CHASEO provides to our members while setting our sights on future success.  We’re pleased to report of our successes and achievements through the year. Please see our Annual Report for more details.

As the cooperative housing movement in Canada worked to set out its vision of “Co-operative housing for all” in 2018, CHASEO, too, looked to the future. The Board of Directors, in consultation with members and sector partners, worked to develop a new, ambitious strategic plan for 2019-2022. We look forward to what this exciting new plan will bring, and we invite our membership along on what is sure to be a exciting journey.

Thank you for your patronage and your membership!



22 Apr 2019

Housing Manager Collective Seeking Housing Manager!

Housing Manager Collective is seeking a Housing Manager who has a strong interest in community housing to join their growing team. Housing Managers Collective supports the success of co-operative communities through sound management:

  • We provide housing management and community development services to co-operative housing communities in Eastern Ontario.
  • Our management services are based on CHF Canada’s 5 core management standards that ensure sound management, good governance, and a sustainable future.
  • We work together with the board of directors and members to develop and deliver services to help you build strong, caring and sustainable communities.
  • We are committed to lifelong learning.
  • We continue to be very proud of our engagement and contributions to the non-profit and co-operative housing sectors and broader co-operative movement.
    The Housing Manager will will ensure the overall good standing of the assigned facility and provide administrative support, maintenance administration and financial management. This includes accounts receivables and payable, member / tenant and corporate administration services, property management, community and governance support.

    The skills & experiences needed to be successful in this position are:

    • One to three years’ experience in administration providing clerical duties, ensuring timely processing. (Maintaining site documents, filing, data entry/word processing, and third-party correspondence),
    • Experience in accounting administration an asset (accounts payable / receivable, maintaining accounting files),
    • Solid working knowledge of Microsoft Office Suite software including MS Excel; MS WORD, MS PowerPoint; MS Access,
    • Education and Training in business administration, or other post-secondary education in a related field,
    • Good organization and time management skills,
    • Excellent interpersonal/communication skills. Able to effectively communicate with clients//members both in person and via mail / email,
    • Strong leadership skills and ability to work independently,
    • Excellent written and spoken English mandatory for the position.
    • Ability to communicate in French.
      Housing Managers Collective is committed to providing staff with a positive work environment, a rewarding career with a growing organization, Long-term career growth. If you’d like to be a member of thier growing team please email your resume to

      • Full-time and Part-time positions are available.
      • Some evening work will be required.
      • Salary commensurate with experience.
01 Nov 2017

Co-op Jeanneville shows how co-ops can maintain francophone culture

Cliquez ici pour lire ce billet en français.

Although it’s just off the busy Vanier Parkway, Jeanneville Co-op feels like an oasis in the city.

With 33 townhouse-style units surrounded by lush gardens, this co-op was founded to provide quality homes for francophone families from Vanier. Its founder, Michel Riel, was also president of Co-op de LaSalle, which sits on Michel Riel Private, named after him.

The spirit of la francophonie is still alive and well at Jeanneville, whose members are proud to live in a francophone environment and to be helping French language and culture thrive in Ottawa.

Léopold Lévesque, a founding member of the co-op, speaks of the particular friendly relationship that exists among francophones. Mme. Brousseau, who has been a member for 27 years, agrees, saying, “We’re at home here.”

Joelle Bernard Cloutier, of the management company Gest-Co, manages Jeanneville. “People get involved and take care of the co-op,” she says, “It’s a family atmosphere.” She adds that members at Jeanneville see a future in their co-op and the co-op movement, and are engaged in finding long-term solutions to protect co-op housing.

The co-op has recently undertaking refinancing, and will be starting work in spring 2018 on replacing siding and insulation in its units, and doing electrical and plumbing work. It’s a logical step for a co-op where members take a clear pride in maintaining their homes and the co-op grounds.

Jeanneville received funding through CHF Canada’s Greener Co-op Microgrant program. This allowed the co-op to install rain barrels that keep its gardens looking great in a sustainable way.

Co-op members also demonstrate concern for their community. For example, co-op president Louise Joa mentioned having recently organized a linen drive for Edgewood Care Centre, a nearby residential care facility for people with mental and physical challenges.

Co-operative values animate life at Jeanneville. As Mme. Brousseau puts it, “We work well together, and take care of one another.”

10 Oct 2017

Co-op Voisins shows how to engage a diverse, bilingual membership

Nestled in a leafy corner of Sandy Hill, the 76 units at Co-op Voisins are home to a diverse array of families, single people, and seniors, from many different backgrounds. The co-op recently marked its 25th anniversary with a big celebration.

Voisins is one of six Ottawa co-ops that are officially bilingual. This creates both opportunities and challenges for the co-op and its members.

Karine Lachapelle is the co-op’s current Vice-President. Volunteering to help translate the co-op’s newsletter helped her realize that she has a knack for translation. Since she’s now working on a degree in translation, she calls joining the co-op “a life-changing experience”.

The co-op has many other ways for its members to get involved.

Like many co-ops, Voisins has a member selection committee, a member orientation committee, and a social committee, which is very active throughout the year, organizing events such as holiday parties, movie nights, and even March Break activities for kids. Its Garden Committee stays busy taking care of the co-op’s beautiful grounds. However, the co-op also has some other interesting committees:

  • The Parking Committee monitors the visitor parking to make sure everyone has a parking pass.
  • A Library Committee maintains a lending library in the co-op.
  • In the event of an emergency, the co-op’s Emergency Response Team is a committee that helps make sure other members are safe.
  • The co-op is now starting a Wellness Committee, with activities like painting, to encourage members to get to know each other and resolve their conflicts and difficulties together.


CHASEO Executive Director Céline Carrière with Esther Sepahi of Voisins’ at the co-op’s anniversary celebration.

The co-op has succeeded in creating a culture of engagement among its members. As founding member Jeff puts it, “If I get asked to do something, and if I can do it, I’ll do it.”

What is the secret to Voisins’ success in engaging its membership? When its member orientation committee gives an orientation session to new members, it focuses on opportunities for getting involved, while gifting new members with a houseplant for their new home.

Once they’ve settled in, long-time member and active volunteer Ester Sepahi cold-calls new members and asks them for help with counting the laundry coins. While they’re doing that, she finds out what their interests are and explains other volunteering opportunities to them. This helps put new members on a path to engagement and connection with fellow members.

As Ann, another of the co-op’s founding members puts it, “I’ve grown with the co-op, I’ve seen births, deaths, generations growing up. People help each other out.”

Building that type of diverse, resilient community takes effort, but Co-op Voisins shows that that work pays off.