About Workshops

About Workshops

Our workshops are designed to help co-ops create a foundation for knowledge, leadership and vision. The content will guide your co-op in setting standards for consistent best-practices in both strategic and day-to-day operations. We hope that you find them both useful and enjoyable!

Workshop Categories

Our topics are organized into subject matter categories covering a variety of areas that matter to co-ops:

  • Co-op Basics
  • Professional Development
  • Governance
  • Management
  • Long-Term Planning

Customized Workshops

This series of foundational workshops is highly customizable and can be easily tailored to meet the training requirements of your co-op. Just let us know the specific needs of your co-op by contacting CHASEO with your request.


Co-ops are encouraged to join together to hold a workshop. Cost-sharing is ideal for smaller co-ops and promotes cost savings while facilitating sharing of best practices.

Workshop Fees

While fees are a flat rate regardless of the number of participants, workshops are designed for an ideal volume of 12-20 participants. Larger groups may require two facilitators and/or other considerations for material and content. Please indicate if you have a larger group at the time of booking.

Workshop Info

Book Today

To organize a workshop or for more information, please call the CHASEO office at (613)-327-2450


Upon receipt of the request, CHASEO will confirm the workshop details and arrange for an instructor for your workshop. CHASEO will also provide your co-op with promotional materials to help ensure your workshop is a success.