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22 Jun 2016

Tewegan Housing for Aboriginal Youth seeks Executive Director

Tewegan Housing for Aboriginal Youth
Job Posting: Executive Director
Tewegan Housing for Aboriginal Youth is an Ottawa-based transitional home for First Nations, Inuit and Métis women, ages 16 to 29. We provide a safe, culture-oriented environment where women can celebrate their traditions and acquire skills that will help them in life. We offer a wide range of programs and services including cultural programs, financial planning, outreach supports, counseling, assistance finding permanent housing and more.
Aboriginal culture is the mainstay of our mission. We believe that by connecting a woman to her cultural roots, she will gain the confidence, pride and community she needs to succeed in life, so she can truly come ‘home.’
Tewegan Housing for Aboriginal Youth is currently accepting applications for the following position:
Scope of Position:
The Executive Director (ED) is the senior administrative officer responsible for the overall operation of Tewegan Housing for Aboriginal Youth. The ED has a leadership role in creating an atmosphere which promotes the delivery of services in keeping with the organization’s mission and objectives. The ED will demonstrate strong interpersonal and leadership skills and a commitment to the principals of inter-disciplinary, community based service, delivery and participatory decision making, coupled with a high level of cultural sensitivity to young Aboriginal women
In the performance of her duties, the ED is accountable to the Board of Directors (BoD). This accountability includes an annual job performance evaluation. In addition, the ED supervises the work of all staff associated with the residence and its services.
Duties and Responsibilities:
As delegated by the BoD, the ED performs duties that fall into four main categories:
1) Board Governance
2) Financial Performance & Viability
3) Organization Vision and Strategic Plan
4) Organizational Operations and Property Management
Statement of Qualifications:

  • Bachelor level or equivalent in health, social work and/or a related field
  • Three to five years management experience in an Aboriginal community health or social service organization
  • Demonstrated financial management, personnel administration, strategic planning, and Board support
  • Experience with fundraising preferred
  • Training and/or experience in addictions and trauma recovery in an Aboriginal context is considered an asset.
  • Excellent leadership and communication skills
  • Ability to research, develop, implement and evaluate programming that addresses Aboriginal youth homelessness.
  • Ability to build and maintain relationships with community stakeholders and funders
  • Ability to function well in a high pressure/high stress environment


  • Preference will be given to those applicants of Aboriginal descent (please self-identify)
  • Police Record Check Required

To Apply for This Position:
Deadline for all applications: Friday, July 1, 2016
Please submit your resume and covering letter to:
Melissa Hammell, Director
Tewegan Housing for Aboriginal Youth
65 Harvey Street, Ottawa, ON K1S 0A8
Fax: 613-233-2554
Tewegan Housing for Aboriginal Youth would like to thank all those who apply. However, only those applicants selected for further consideration will be contacted.

01 Jun 2016

St. Georges Housing Co-op seeks Office Manager

Job Description
Coopérative d’habitation St. Georges Housing Co-operative Inc. located at 10 Henderson Avenue Ottawa, ON, K1N 7P1 is accepting applications for our office manager position that will begin this July, 2016.
The successful candidate will be an experienced non-profit co-operative housing manager who is familiar with government funding programs and operating agreements; bilingualism is strongly preferred.
Interviews may be held prior to the closing date.
Job Type: Full-time
Required experience: Co-op management: 5 years
Required education: Diploma/Certificate
Required language: English and French preferred
Position Description
The Manager’s role is to oversee and be accountable for the management of the Co-op’s operations, subject to the general direction of the board of directors. The Manager acts as the agent of the Co-op in delegated areas of authority.
The Manager is responsible for other co-op staff. S/he will work with the Maintenance Manager to ensure that work orders are successfully completed in a timely manner. The Manager provides support to the board and members and keeps the Co-op in touch with the wider co-op housing sector.
We are looking for a personable individual who excels at mediation and embraces a diverse group of members who live in our Co-op. Our members are looking for a regular face that they will be comfortable communicating with. We are looking for someone who understands when to be empathetic and also firm.
Position Responsibilities
• Managing the finances
The Manager has overall responsibility for the financial management of the Co-op.
The Manager supervises the work of the bookkeeper. The bookkeeper maintains the Co-op’s book of account by:
(a) recording receipts and disbursements (b) maintaining a general, member accounts and other ledgers as necessary (c) preparing monthly financial statements and arrears reports (d) arranging and preparing for the annual audit at the Co-op’s expense
Specifically, the Manager
• ensures compliance with all financial requirements of the Co-op’s funding program
• administers the rent-geared-to-income program based on the requirements of the Co-op’s funding program including
• calculating housing charges and adjustments
• conducting annual income verification
• reviewing applications for subsidy
• makes sure that there is an adequate accounting system in place that produces monthly financial statements
• makes sure that there are adequate financial controls in place
• maintains the financial records
• prepares the Co-op’s capital and operating budgets, including proposed market charges, for submission to the board
• notifies the members of housing charge changes
• presents and explains financial statements to the board monthly and points out any matters of concern
• presents other financial statements to the board (such as member arrears, cash flow, capital forecasting and investment reports) as required
• administers payroll
• makes sure that credit union deposits are done on time and are properly recorded
• monitors cash flow
• manages member accounts receivable by
• collecting payments and issuing receipts if required
• issuing late payment, arrears and NSF notices
• administers the Co-op’s accounts payable, including invoice processing and cheque preparation
• ensures that the Co-op’s reserves are appropriately invested
• administers a petty cash system
• administers the Co-op’s Arrears and Spending by-laws
• advises the board and finance committee (if there is one) on financial matters
• drafts financial policies for the approval of the board or membership
• arranges periodic training for finance committee members (if there is a finance committee).
Keeping the Co-op in good repair
The Manager is responsible for developing an overall property maintenance and repair program. Specifically, the Manager
• gives advices to the board on matters related to the Co-op’s property
• keeps property and maintenance records
• makes sure a risk management plan is developed and kept up to date
• develops a routine and preventive maintenance plan by
• maintaining a work order system
• responding to requests for repair work in members’ units,
• supervising on-site maintenance and cleaning staff.
• makes sure a capital plan is developed and kept up to date
• administers the Co-op’s key control system
• administers the Co-op’s parking policy
• administers service and product warranty claims
• retains and supervises trades people and other contractors and consultants in accordance with Co-op by-laws
• approves and arranges the purchase of maintenance equipment and supplies in accordance with Co-op by-laws
• makes sure that each housing unit is inspected once a year and whenever a member moves out
• makes sure the common areas and grounds are inspected regularly
• makes sure that the Co-op has and maintains all necessary systems, procedures and measures related to life and safety, emergency response and security
• makes sure that the Co-op complies with the fire code, elevator code, Electrical Safety Authority rules and all other legal and regulatory requirements related to the Co-op’s property
• makes sure the Co-op is free of hazards
• advises the board on property matters
• provides a regular property management and maintenance activity report to the board.
Keeping the Co-op full
The Manager is responsible for developing a strategy to maintain full occupancy of the Co-op. Specifically, the Manager
• responds to enquiries and receives applications
• markets co-op units, as necessary, to fill vacancies
• liaises with marketing consultant, as needed
• makes sure units are quickly restored to market-ready condition following move-outs to minimize vacancy loss
• conducts credit and landlord checks
• administers the Co-op’s internal and external waiting lists
• administers the Co-op’s agreement with support services agencies
• co-ordinates move-outs, internal moves and move-ins to minimize vacancy loss
• makes sure new members sign occupancy agreements and make necessary payments before move-in
• makes sure members scheduled for an internal move sign new occupancy agreements before they move
• makes sure new members are promptly welcomed and oriented
• advises on marketing and member selection issues including recommending marketing strategies as required
• provides monthly vacancy and marketing reports to the board.
Meeting the Co-op’s legal requirements
The Manager acts on the Co-op’s behalf to ensure that it meets its legal requirements. Specifically, the Manager
• liaises with the Co-op’s lawyer
• maintains the Co-op’s minute book and other corporate records
• files audited financial statements and required reports and notices with government agencies
• administers the Co-op’s by-laws
• makes sure the Co-op follows program rules, complies with the Co-operative Corporations Act and other laws, and protects the privacy of personal information
• assists the board with eviction hearings and works with the Co-op’s lawyer to obtain writs of possession, as necessary
• works with the Co-op’s lawyer on legal proceedings related to the Co-op’s operations
• liaises with federal, provincial and municipal housing agencies and with other municipal agencies such as police, fire department and utility companies
• makes sure the Co-op has adequate insurance coverage and administers claims
• reports to the board, as necessary, on legal issues as they arise.
Supporting good governance
The Manager is responsible for supporting good governance in the Co-op by the board and membership. Specifically, the Manager
• provides the board with the information and advice it needs, in a clear format, to make sound decisions
• makes sure that board meetings are well planned and prepared for and minutes are kept
• arranges for a board orientation each year and provides information about other training opportunities
• arranges for an annual board planning session
• promotes and supports effective two-way communication between the board and members
• makes sure that members’ meetings are well organized and minutes are kept
• works with the board to provide members with the information they need, in a clear format, to stay informed about the co-op and make good membership decisions
• advises directors and members about their role in the co-op’s governance structure
• recommends a pro-active member involvement program to the board including
• reviewing with the board the need for various committees
• promoting resources for training boards, committees, and members.
Office and staff management
The Manager is responsible for the efficient administration of the Co-op’s office and its systems.
The Manager is responsible for management of other staff of the Co-op.
Specifically, in addition to the administrative responsibilities set out above, the Manager
• makes sure that effective office systems and administrative procedures are in place and followed
• using outside assistance, as necessary, purchases suitable computer hardware and software and arranges for necessary support
• makes sure the office is adequately furnished, equipped and supplied
• receives and logs correspondence, forwards it as appropriate to the board or others, and responds or assists with board response
• reports to the board quarterly on personnel matters
• orients, supervises and evaluates other staff
• provides support to other staff and arranges for additional training, as necessary
• administers employee benefit program
• maintains personnel records
• maintains required Workers’ Safety and Insurance Board records and prepares claims, if necessary
Please send resume and CV by no later than 4:00pm on Monday, June 5, 2016 to Thank you very much for applying; successful candidates will be contacted for an interview.

19 May 2016

Inuit Non-Profit Housing Corp seeks Tenant/Admin Officer

Position: TENANT/ADMIN OFFICER for a small (63 unit) urban native non-profit housing corp., located in Ottawa.

 General Duties & Responsibilities

 Administration: Responsible for general office procedures and rental of units in the non-profit sector. These duties include: maintaining waiting list, rent collection, assessing eligibility, rent calculations, income verification, eviction process, maintain key log, arranging trades people, supervision of Admin Assistant re: office duties, accounts payable/receivable.

Tenant Relations: Responsible for counseling tenants on, work and personal adjustments, money management, etc.; especially where these matters affect or jeopardize their housing.  Should develop a network of contacts in various agencies that tenants may be referred to if necessary.  Encourage tenants requiring same, to develop skills needed to be self-sufficient.

Qualifications: A post-secondary degree/diploma in: social sciences, general business administration or property management, with progressive practice.  Equivalent experience to the above will also be considered.  Familiarity with non-profit housing administration is essential.

Salary:  $ 42,500 – $ 50,000  based on 35 hr. work week. Health benefits included.

 Provide letter and resume by June 2, 16 to: Sheila Ruttan, Inuit Non-Profit Housing Corp. 102-311McArthur Ave., Ottawa, Ontario, K1L 8M3

613 741-1449,  Fax: 613 741-6195,  E-mail:, Contact Sheila for full job description.

05 May 2016

Daybreak Non Profit Housing seeks Office Manager

Office Manager Posting

Daybreak Non Profit Housing offers single adults in need, with supportive housing in  a safe and caring  community-based environment. We manage 5 houses with 46 residents, and are embarking on an exciting year of new resident programming.

We are in immediate need of a full time Office Manager who can join our small passionate team. Key responsibilites include business operations and office management,  bookkeeping, financial reporting,  and funding management. You will be the key contact for public inquiries on our services, and ensure that residents, donors,  volunteers and Board members receive appropriate information. You will be a self starter, with the ability to think outside the box and to introduce ongoing  improvements. In addition to managing the office, you will also be invited to participate in resident events and community-sector training and discussion forums. You will work closely with the Executive Director.

Daybreak Non Profit Housing offers a competitive salary and benefits, free parking, and a collegial working environment.  Start date is immediate.

For further information, please contact the Executive Director at 613-236-8070 ext 4, or

02 May 2016

Spring Congress Workshop Materials

What’s Next?

Moderator: Penelope Winter

Panelists: Linda Stephenson, Karla Skoutajan, & Peter Trostscha

When Rights Clash in Co-ops: Human Rights and the Duty to Accommodate

Instructor: Celia Chandler

Aging in Place

Instructors: Cynthia Mitchell & Fazeela Jiwa


Vieillir chez soi

Instructeurs: Marie-Josée Houle et Jean-Michel Bedard